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2017 Fall Palette Inspiration

So, what is your fall inspiration?  Do the colors of fall put you in the mood to change up your décor or make you long for a visit to the pumpkin patch, apple orchard, or Caribou Coffee?   Yes, yes, yes, and yes, are my answers.  What would your perfect fall color palette look like? 


Hey, ya’ll! Have I mentioned that I’m in love with fall?  This week I was introduced to the Campfire Mocha at Caribou Coffee.  Oh, yes, it’s like a s’more in a cup.  Utterly dreamy!  I’m sipping one right now!  I find myself literally day dreaming about my next fix.  Not my proudest confession, but this yummy concoction tastes like I’m going to tell you how I really feel.  Praise the Lawd that I live far away from the Caribou Coffee, and that this drink doesn’t come in a Rum Chata infused version.  Hmmm…I could so add that though… Ok, back to fall, so, that drink is the epitome of fall, which is why I thought it was worth mentioning, but besides this freakin’ fantastic campfire in a cup, there are so many other things I love about fall.  My favorite thing has to be the colors, which is exactly what I want to share with you today.     

I recently made a purchase at a Camden Pointe, Barn Artist’s Craft Show, hosted by Bill and Marcia Hankins:  a 14X16 photograph entitled Platte County #67—Creek Mosaic, taken by Bill Hankins.  It is an understatement to say that it is gorgeous.  What I love most about this photo are the colors it displays, so rich, vibrant, bold.  All the colors of fall are present.  The reflection of the sky off the water produces the most virtuous royal blue, I see oranges, browns, grays, greens.  The gold leaves that lay atop the water add such richness to this composition. Nature at her finest is captured in the photo, for sure.   

This photo makes me want to invite all the colors I see in this piece to my house to hang out (and share a Campfire Mocha).  By hang out, I mean, on the walls, on my pillows, right up in my fall décor.  I don’t generally think of Royal Blue as a fall color, usually more of a navy, but the way it highlights the other colors in the picture so beautifully has me thinking I’m going to make an executive decision here and add it to the colors of autumn.  Gold is the other standout color in this photo and is generally a fall favorite.  It definitely holds a firm place in other seasonal palettes as well, but it’s more widely used in the fall.  The oranges, the browns, and greens are perfect accent colors to both the blue and gold. 

Using Sherwin Williams colors, the palette I have created based on the colors I see in this photograph are as follows:  Blue Plate SW6796, and Jay Blue SW6797, Grasshopper SW6733, Tigereye SW6362, Gambol Gold SW6690, and Baked Cookie SW9098.  Of course, I could go crazy here and pull seven more colors out of this photo, but these are the main players.  I would use Grasshopper in an office, or kid’s room.  Blue Plate would be interesting on a ceiling, or in an office.  Tigereye, Jay Blue, and Gambol Gold are a beautiful combination and I would use them in a main living area any day with Baked Cookie accents sprinkled about like snickerdoodle crumbs.   

I want to thank Bill Hankins for giving me some fall inspiration.  His work is so perfect.   

Ya’ll enjoy your Campfire Mocha.  I know you’re dying to try one now. Ha!  And make sure you check back in for my next post where I will be discussing outdoor fall décor using yes, pumpkins, but some other seasonal goodies as well.   Have a great day, ya’ll, and remember, if you need help with Color, Design, or Staging give me a shout (816-500-7759).

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Ed Hughes
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