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4 Outdoor Must-Haves

It’s all about patios and porches today, yall!  I’ve been preaching a little lately about how outdoor spaces need love too.  Well, it’s true, they do.  And have you seen the new seasonal outdoor line at the Target? Super cute!   There’s much perspective to be gained from just hanging out on the porch.  It’s a great way to catch up with the neighbors and their kids and hear all the hood news.  I know that I could do a lot more front porch sittin’ than I do now.  In fact, I’m certain that if I had an inviting space to do so I’d be all over it.  So, where do you start?  What are some essential items needed to make a porch or patio the perfect extension of your great INdoors?  Today, I’m going to give you a list of 4 outdoor essentials for every patio and porch.  I want you to put this list on a mental sticky note and take it with you on your next trip to the Target and review it while you’re checking out that new seasonal outdoor line.



Who doesn’t love a good set of string lights?  They can really set the mood.  They announce, ‘come hang out in my Parenthood-like (you remember that show, the Braverman clan?) back yard and enjoy some tasty wine and delicious food. We’ll talk, laugh, laugh and talk, and solve all of the problems of the world.’  If string lights won’t work in your space, you could add battery powered lanterns or lamps or both, or even in addition to the string lights.


Rugs set the stage for a relaxing place to hang out; they ground your space.  Visualize yourself sitting on your patio in a cushy chair. You’re shoeless, the wind blowing through your toes.  Can you see the rug?  It’s there, protecting your naked tootsies from the hard, hot concrete or wood.  I’m always a fan of the layered look when it comes to rugs too.  For example, a larger patterned rug at the front door with a welcome mat over the top adds a little oomph and extra welcoming power.


Furniture is a must. A comfy place to nap, a comfy place to read, a comfy place to rock, and a comfy place to eat. This doesn’t mean you should go buy a recliner for your porch, slap some plastic on it to consider it weatherproofed and call it a day.  Uh, no… ya’ hillbilly!  I’m talking about what’s comfy for you that is made for the outdoors.  That could mean a deep sofa, loveseat or chairs, wooden Cracker Barrel style rocking chairs, colorful Adirondack chairs, a porch swing, some wicker or rope pieces…whatever is comfortable for you.  You want to make sure the items you select aren’t too big or too small for your space and to look for all weather materials that will withstand the elements.  A table is a good thing to have when you’re trying to eat and entertain on your porch or patio.  Where else would one set their drank, or place their carefully arranged, shallow bowl of succulents?  A dining area perhaps?  A table and chairs and or benches, or a picnic table are great dining area furniture options.


Accessories are the fun part, the stuff that showcases your personality and brings everything together. These items include but are not limited to: pillows, throws, outdoor wall décor, potted plants and flowers, curtains, outdoor thermometers, bird feeders.   My favorite accessories are pillows and throws.  A fun bunch of pillows to add to your seating will take the comfort of your space to a whole new level and add some character.  It’s also an easy way to incorporate color. And for those cool nights, a soft throw designated for outdoor use is a great way to take the chill off.


And there you have it, the 4 items you need to make your porch or patio a cozy place you’ll want to hang out.  I”ll leave you alone now so you can go raid Target, but I’d love to see some pictures of your favorite outdoor space.  Post them in the comments below.  Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

And remember, if you need help with Color Selections, Design, or Staging, give me a shout (816-500-7759).

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