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5 Home Design Trends for Your Home

The best part of designing a home today is the variety of on-trend styles. While some popular designs may be the complete opposite of one another, such as light and airy spaces compared to dark and moody ones, each offer something different and plenty of design freedom for homeowners. 

Here are five design trends our interior designer has chosen for you to consider in your space. 

Stained Trim vs. Painted Trim

While painted trim has become popular, stained trim is absolutely not outdated. There are endless choices of stain types and colors that can make staining your trim more desirable. Stained trim adds warmth to a home and can help you achieve a timeless look and feel. 

Painted trims offer versatility in color and finishes and can be cheaper when purchased primed. Some homeowners opt for using MDF instead of real wood, which is more cost-effective. Light and dark trims are equally as popular right now, as are matching trim to your wall colors for a uniform look. 

White Walls vs. Colorful Walls

A white interior is an easy choice for enhancing small spaces and creating a crisp and clean backdrop to any room. It pairs well with other neutrals and makes a quiet backdrop for more colorful furniture and accents. Several variations of white create a big impact on the feel of a room or exterior. More subtle, creamy whites are relaxing and inviting, while brighter, more stark shades come across as more modern. 

It’s always wise to consider the traffic in your home when deciding on interior colors. Whites may be more challenging to keep clean with pets and children. However, several paint brands and finishes are designed to be sustainable and easier to clean.

There are so many fresh ways to incorporate color into your home. Some homeowners use neutral colors such as muted blushes, blues, and shades of gray to liven up their entire interior. At the same time, others have opted to use color for an accent wall to add dimension to a room. Moody walls have made a name for themselves with deep greens and blues, moody grays, and shades of black, setting the stage for a cozy and comfortable aesthetic. 

Wallpaper vs. Textured Walls

Incorporating wallpaper into your design is a simple way to elevate any space in your home. 

These are a few ways you can incorporate wallpaper into your home you may not have considered:

  • Add wallpaper to your ceiling
  • Only cover half the wall
  • Paper one wall for a feature 
  • Line the interior of a shelf or cabinet

Modern wallpaper is much easier to use with options like pre-pasted wallpaper, temporary options, and decals. Choose a neutral color with texture to add dimension without overwhelming a room.

There are several options for adding dimension and curiosity to a room without wallpaper or paint. These wall treatments can be used vertically or horizontally to achieve different design styles. Here are a few ideas:

  • Shiplap
  • Beadboard
  • Wainscoting
  • Board and Batten
  • Paneling

Each of these installs can be painted to match the color of your walls for a more subtle effect or, on a half wall, painted to match your trim color for a more accented look.

Painted Brick vs. Natural Brick

Regardless of the color, brick has been a long-sought-after accent to a home’s interior or exterior. It adds character along with texture to create a beautiful space. It has been popular to paint brick; however, more natural and traditional options are becoming more on-trend. 

Paint your brick to achieve a more modern, uniform, subtle look. However, it would be wise to consult a professional as aging brick may be more difficult to paint and affect the integrity of the brick. 

To enhance the beauty of natural brick, you might try cleaning it or regrouting it. This can go a long way in your bricks aesthetic and longevity. 

Color Blocking vs. Monochromatic Color Schemes

Both of these design trends achieve a clean and modern exterior. 

Color blocking is when two contrasting colors are used side by side on an exterior to make a bold but clean statement. Usually, homeowners opt for a deep gray or black and pair it with a lighter tone, such as some shade of white.

This exterior style can also incorporate natural elements such as wood, stone, or stucco for even more dimension. 

Monochromatic color schemes create a bold or subtle effect depending on the paint choice. This style means you paint your entire house one color instead of a traditional body color with an accented trim choice. For instance, homeowners opt to paint their entire house black or sometimes white. This design style is easy to make your house stand out without being overwhelming. 

Connect with our design expert, Toska, to help you achieve the interior or exterior you have been dreaming of for your home. Her expertise is versatile and will help you to find and enhance your home’s natural beauty. 


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Carrie Bartlow
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