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5 Ways to Invite Color into Your Home’s Neutral Palette

Your house is made up of concrete and drywall, nails, and screws. Your home is the place that your family belongs. It’s where you share your most intimate moments and live out your most precious memories. It’s the place for dance parties in the kitchen and movie nights cuddled on the couch.

When designing your home, you want to create a space that looks and feels like you.

While neutrals and monochromatic palettes are on trend, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

Let’s talk about five ways to pair white with pops of color to create a variety of moods.

Incorporate a Colorful Rug

Choosing a colorful rug you love will give you a starting place to invite other colorful accessories into your room.

A colorful pattern will add interest, dimension, and a focal point to your space, not to mention hide dirt, much more than a neutral choice. An eye-catching rug will help anchor your room and create a layer of warmth and coziness.

Set the tone of your space by choosing from various styles such as contemporary, oriental, modern, vintage, or transitional. There’s a rug for just about any type of mood you are trying to create in your home.

Opt for Bright Accessories

Breathe life into a thrifted or outdated piece of furniture with a coat of paint in a cheerful tone. This provides a big impact with a low level of commitment. Paired with a white backdrop, the color possibilities are endless.

For a bedroom, try a splashy color on the bed, side table, or lamps. In your kitchen, incorporate bright bar stools or a peppy accent color for your island. Wake up your living space or dining room with a buffet or console table swept in an invigorating hue.

Choose a Statement Piece

Grab attention by including one saturated furniture piece. While adding more than one statement piece is possible, you have to work hard to coordinate them to avoid overcomplicating the room.

A statement piece can be a brightly colored chair, sofa, art piece, bedspread, or rug.

Include an Accent Wall

A thoughtful accent wall can add interest to any room in your home and incorporates color without overwhelming your space. They can also make your area appear bigger by simply breaking up the room a bit.

Use shades of blue to soothe and calm, greens to uplift and invite a natural feel, yellow to energize a space, jewel tones for rich contrast, and muted colors such as black to add drama.

Select Colorful Artwork

Opting for a neutral palette and monochromatic furniture and accessories leaves space for striking artwork or photography.

Your space will be far from boring when you incorporate stand-out artwork. Create a gallery feel with elegant, bold, muted shades, or keep it casual by choosing lively artwork that encompasses multiple shades of refreshing color.

Helping you to achieve your vision for your home is of the highest priority to us. We have a whole part of our company dedicated to designing for you to achieve the home aesthetic you are after.

Schedule a consultation with our interior designer, Toska.

We offer color consultations where we work together to narrow down paint color choices that you love most and design consultations to discuss room colors, moods, and decor.

Your home is the backdrop to your one beautiful life; let us help you tell your story.

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Oswaldo Sierra

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Oswaldo Sierra
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