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Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Trends

Hola, Amigos!  This week I’ll be reviewing the Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Trend Palette.

One of my favorite things about the Benjamin Moore paint colors are the reds they offer.  As a collection their reds are bold, rich, demanding of attention, and majestic.  So, when I learned that Caliente AF-290 was the Benjamin Moore 2018 color of the year, I was thrilled, but kind of surprised.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a red take center stage. It’s about time it made a comeback! This primary color’s reintroduction will not have to wear a nametag.  It’s one to be remembered, it’s so hot, it will be emblazoned on your brain.

Last year, the Benjamin Moore Color Trend palette contained many deep, jewel toned colors with their pastel compliment nearby.  This year, most of the strong colors we saw last year have faded away, with a softer, more serious palette taking its place. Caliente definitely commands this palette as it’s the brightest, most memorable color of them all.

I remember that not too long ago, red walls were in.  It looked great with all that honey oak that was going on at the time.  That was also when tan was the plan.  The red look of 2018 has a new posse which consist of mostly gray variants: lights, charcoals, blue grays, brown grays, and green grays. These gray scale neutrals look great with Caliente and offer a nice balance.

Using red as an accent has always been part of my personal home décor.  Every room in my house has a splash of it somewhere.  Turquoise, navy, red, green…these are my go to colors.  Red painted accents always remind me of ladies and their red lipstick from the 40’s.  My eyes are always drawn to red and the right shade always makes me feel happy.  And at Christmas time, I go a little crazy with the color red.  It’s so festive, I just can’t help myself.

Some of the other notable colors that are in this palette are Wolf Gray, Incense Stick, and Coastal Path.  Wolf Gray has some blue undertones, kind of reminds me of a Wedgewood blue, which looks fantastic with red.  Incense Stick is what you’d get if Charcoal and brown had a baby.  It’s a rich, warm, color that would look fabulous with a more berry type red, like Cranberry Cocktail.  Coastal Path is a light, creamy, off-white, gold, hue (great description, right? Ha!).  I can’t wait to see it on a wall.

Well, there you have it folks, my review of the Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Trend Palette.  I’m looking forward to seeing these color trends make their way to the KC suburbs where most of my clients reside.  I predict there will be a rise in the red front door count very soon.  Thanks for stopping in to read my thoughts on paint color…a topic I could discuss for days.

Swing through for my next blog entry where I will be very candidly discussing my recent move.  Ya’ll won’t want to miss it, trust me.  And remember, if you need help with Color Selections, Design, or Staging, give me a shout (816-500-7759)!

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Beth Hazels

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Beth Hazels
May 12, 2019

We are beyond pleased. Our house was painted in one day. They did a beautiful job and were great to work with. We even got help selecting colors!