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Budgeting for Your Makeover: Four Key Strategies

Budgeting for Your Makeover: Four Key Strategies

Over the past decade, our television sets have been flooded with a deluge of home renovation shows, all of which tend to follow a set formula: A paint job from the 1970s, a poor home layout, or a mouldy unfinished basement are driving a couple crazy, so a heroic team of experts sweeps in and voila, like magic, the home is entirely transformed in no time.

Of course, real life does’t work like that; if your interior needs remodeling, you can’t treat it like a spur-of-the-moment, wave-a-magic-wand decision; you’ll have to plan and budget for your home makeover. If you’re considering having some interior painting done, budget for it using the following strategies:

1. Always get a free estimate done. The costs of remodeling shown on TV are almost never realistic, and trusting word of mouth advice on how much interior painting will cost is seldom reliable, either, as costs vary widely depending on who you choose to paint your home. In order to be able to budget for your interior paint job, it’s vital to get an accurate figure for what the job will actually cost, so take advantage of the superior service we offer and have your interior makeover priced out entirely free of charge.
2. Save up for your paint job. Debt is one of those problems that only adds to itself, and it’s not really necessary when it comes to having an interior paint job done, as this kind of remodeling work is very affordable. Set some savings aside instead, unless you can secure low-interest financing.
3. Take advantage of sales. This is always one of the best budgeting tips, regardless of what you wish to buy, don’t pay retail! Instead, take advantage of skilled professionals offering their customized interior painting services for less, such as with our current 15% discount (running from now until the end of March).
4. Don’t try to paint your interior by yourself. Really, it may seem appealing and cost-effective to run out, grab a few jars of paint, a ladder, some brushes, and do things the “DIY” way, but you should always have your home interior painted by a professional. Do-it-yourself home renovation projects are another thing TV has given us unrealistic expectations about; they’re often a lot harder than DIY home improvement shows would have you believe. You can’t just slap paint over the existing paint in your home; you have to remove the paint (or wallpaper) under it, which takes specialized equipment and expert knowledge of how to get the surface that’s being prepared for new paint perfectly flat. If an amateur attempts such work and winds up damaging the walls or botching the paint job, the repairs will most certainly cost you far more than just getting the walls painted by a professional would have.

Remember that budgeting isn’t just about saving all the money you possibly can, it’s about getting the job done right, in a way that will last for years to come, at the best price possible.

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“I can’t say enough great things about Chad and his crew. They were punctual throughout the entire project and very attentive to detail. This is the first time I’ve hired a painter and they far exceeded my expectations.”

David Seibold
David Seibold

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David Seibold
September 19, 2018

Chad and Unique did a great job painting the exterior of my house. I have my own successful small business so I know what customers expect. Chad did that for me as a customer with his business so I was very satisfied.