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Christmas Decor Styles

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Don’t you just love decorating for the holidays?  I do. And if you’re like me, your Christmas décor has a theme of some kind.  It might be color coordinated or actually portray a specific style.  There are so many ways to decorate for the holidays, seriously.  It’s all about what speaks to you, what gets you in the Christmas spirit.  Last year I touched on several Christmas Décor Styles on my Interior Design by Unique Painting KC, Facebook page.  I was a little shocked at how much engagement I received from those posts.  Really though, each of us have memories ingrained in our brain of holidays past. Something as simple as a Christmas ornament can bring those memories to the forefront of our mind in such great detail that you might feel like you’ve been plopped in the middle of one of those Hallmark Christmas movies.

When I moved from my parent’s house so many years ago, I was a broke twenty-year-old.   With each season, my mom would go through her decorations and give me items that she was no longer using.  My grandma did the same.  I had a house full of free decorations that my broke behind basically saved from being sent to the trash or Goodwill.  I still have quite a few of those sentimental items, they actually set the foundation of what my Holiday Design Style would evolve into. Keeping those memories alive each season, my friends, is why your holiday décor is important.

I’m sure most of you have a similar story.  You may just be starting out, or you may be sick to death of what you currently have and are ready to chuck it all, start fresh.  I feel you.  So, today I want to review the 6 Christmas Décor Styles that are most identified with. Why does it matter?  Well, if you know your Holiday Decor Style, shopping for items to round out your project will be much, much easier.  You also might sound like you’re an HGTV overachiever, but who cares?  Either way, you’re going to sleep much better knowing where you stand.  You’ll be collecting décor and reminiscing like a boss. Are you Traditional, Vintage, Rustic, Modern, Glamorous, or Eclectic?  Let’s find out.

  • Red, Green, Gold
  • Bows, Bells
  • Fresh Wreaths and Garland
  • Holly, Poinsettias, Mistletoe
  • Evergreen Trees (Real or Faux)
  • Red and White Lights

  • Nostalgic charm
  • Silver Tinsel, Garland, and Tree
  • Colorful Lights and Ornaments
  • Shiny, Reflective Ball Ornaments
  • Whimsical
  • Antique or Reproduction

  • Burlap, Jute, Twigs, Sisal, Felt
  • Earthy
  • Organic
  • Woodland Creatures
  • Cozy
  • Homey

  • Simple, Minimalistic
  • Non-Traditional Colors: Purple, Blue, Gray, Turquoise, Dark Brown, Apple Green
  • Metallics
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Wood
  • Abstract

  • Glass
  • Jewels
  • Elegant
  • Layered
  • Feathers
  • Rose, Silver, White, Gold,
  • Floral Centerpieces
  • White or Evergreen Tree
  • White Lights

  • Funky Mix of Periods and Styles
  • Colorful Items and Lights
  • Unique
  • Handmade Items
  • A careful gathering of interesting elements that work well together

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Amy Sigg

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Amy Sigg
December 16, 2018

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