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Color Psychology 101

Have you ever walked into a room and suddenly felt really cozy or walked into another room and felt energized or even hungry? Well, whatever feelings you get when you walk into various rooms probably have a lot do with the color of its walls! There are many reasons we don’t just put our favorite color up on every wall in every room. But did you know there really is a psychology to how certain colors affect our mood?  Here’s a little Color Psych 101 to help you create the home for which you’ll always be in the mood.


White is typically associated with cleanliness and a cool, refreshing feeling, which is why it is so popular for bathrooms. Sometimes it can create an environment that feels too sterile, making it an unlikely option for living rooms and dining rooms.


The color blue creates a comfortable, calm, peaceful setting. It’s the most popular color because it symbolizes sky or Heaven. So perfect places to use are in the bedroom, bathroom, office/study or even the living room. Blue can also help to maintain concentration, lower the heart rate, and boost productivity. Blue also can curb appetites so be careful if you’re thinking about a blue kitchen or dining room!


On the other hand, red can stimulate hunger, as well as excitement and stress. Red is a powerful color filled with energy and is better suited for areas such as the kitchen or dining room. Because it excites and stimulates, workout rooms can also be a good place to use red. Red can work in living rooms and foyers, as well.


Green is the color of nature so it’s associated with tranquility, healing, and peacefulness. It’s a great choice for the living room and the bedroom. Yellow-greens or blue-greens can make a workout area or office space feel happier, too.


Yellow can really brighten up a room. It represents happiness, optimism and summer. It has been shown to stimulate thinking and improve metabolism. Lighter shades of yellow are a good idea for the living room or bathroom. The kitchen also is a great spot to add some brightness to help wake you up. Be careful about using in the bedroom as it stimulates thinking when you’re trying to get to sleep!


Pink is innocent, soothing, and soft, which makes it a good match in the bathroom or bedroom. A lighter pink works well in the bathroom because it can create a healthy glow for many skin tones. Pink can also be utilized as an accent color in the living room, providing contrast with a darker main color.


Purple stimulates the imagination. Deeper shades of purple work well to create a relaxing environment in the bedroom. The color purple also carries connotations of royalty and creativity, making it an option in living rooms and offices. Lighter shades such as lavender are perfect in bathrooms and bedrooms.


Brown represents earth, contentment and security. So it can make a room feel cozy, homey and inviting. Because brown tends to be associated with warmth, it’s a great color to use in the kitchen, dining room or living room. It even works well in the foyer as you first welcome people into your home.

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“I can’t say enough great things about Chad and his crew. They were punctual throughout the entire project and very attentive to detail. This is the first time I’ve hired a painter and they far exceeded my expectations.”

Tracey MacDonald
Tracey MacDonald

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Tracey MacDonald
July 21, 2015

What an amazing company! Chad Wek kept me informed of everything during the process. He gave me a very professional quote. Once they began the project which included power washing, fixing wood rot, caulking and painting my home, they were done before I even got home from work. All in one day. I was amazed at how great my house looked when I got home. I would highly recommend this company and will definitely be forwarding their information to all my family and friends that have a need for his service. Thanks, Chad and Unique Painting!