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Dine In Style This Holiday

Dine In Style This Holiday

You just received a call from family members who have booked a trip to come for a visit. You are excited as you haven’t seen them for so long and they haven’t been to your house in a while. As you sit and think of a million things you suddenly need to add to your To-Do List, you start getting overwhelmed. What can you do to freshen you rooms? Create a better ambiance for your guests? How can you brighten up your home? You look around and all of the sudden the scuff marks on your walls are standing out like a sore thumb. What are you going to do??? They will be here in a few days!

How about painting some rooms? It is amazing what a new paint job does for a room. A new paint job is one of the most least expensive ways to brighten, freshen and transform a room, giving it a face lift without feeling the pain in your checkbook.

Many people think that it’s too much of a hassle, too expensive, not to mention a big interruption to their daily lives to paint a room or several rooms. All you see is the truckload of furniture that would have to be moved and/or covered, the corners and edges that would need to be taped and then flashing before their eyes is the mess of the paint itself. And then you think about the plethora of colors! SO many colors! How would you even begin to pick the perfect color for your home? Sit back and relax. It’s really a lot more simple and there is a plan of attack.

As a professional painting company it is our job to worry so you don’t have to. We take care of all of the prep work for you. We will even help you pick out colors that create the perfect, warm, inviting environment that you are looking for. Colors are very important to a room. They create and set the mood. They can make people feel welcomed and at home or the opposite. We know the importance of this and are here to help. We have been doing this for over ten years and are here so you can continue your life and schedule while we do the work for you.

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Be Unique,

Chad W.

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“I can’t say enough great things about Chad and his crew. They were punctual throughout the entire project and very attentive to detail. This is the first time I’ve hired a painter and they far exceeded my expectations.”

Jimmy Finfrock
Jimmy Finfrock

Left Us a 5 Star Review!

Jimmy Finfrock
September 14, 2016

We just had the exterior of our house painted by Unique Painting and they did an excellent job. Chad and the guys did a fantastic job. Did an excellent job cleaning, could never tell they had been. Thanks again for the great job you did for us.