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Top Fall Design Trends

It’s been a long and sweltering summer, and we don’t know about you, but we’re glad fall is here. The mid-60-degree weather and the almost fluorescent orange and red leaves bring an air of coolness and change. 

As things are transforming outside, you might be thinking of ways to reimagine your living space. After all, colder temperatures mean more time indoors cuddled up next to the fireplace with a warm beverage of your choice, and dare we say pumpkin scented candles?

We’re designers and painters, so we spend a lot of our time indoors, constantly looking for ways to re-vamp living spaces. So, if you’re looking for ways to switch things up for fall, keep reading for this season’s top design trends.  

Two-Toned Cabinets 

The days of matching cabinets are slowly rolling out. 

Two-toned cabinets mean having cabinetry of two or more shades. For example, your island could be a different color from the cabinets, or the upper cabinets could be different color than the lower ones. 

Different colored cabinets create a more versatile space. When winter and spring come around, you can have your area look entirely different by switching the décor. 

Let your imagination roam, and don’t limit cabinets to paint. Feel free to mix up the textures and mediums. For example, have you thought about mixing marble and wood? Or dark wood and steel? 

PRO TIP: Use complementing colors or colors close to each other on the color wheel for best results. If you are splitting the top and bottom cabinets, keep the upper cabinets lighter, so your space doesn’t drown under the dark color.

Accent Walls

Are all the walls in each room of the house matching? You’ve spiced up that latte, so don’t be afraid to spice up the walls. 

Having an accent wall in a room can add a focal point if there’s wall art or something else to highlight, can distinguish a space for a particular purpose (maybe you want an accent wall behind your study area), or create contrast.

Think beyond paint! You can play around with patterned or textured wallpaper, some detailed panels, and maybe even add a picture gallery to your wall.  

PRO TIP: Choose complementary colors, and tie in the décor to the accent wall.

Black Walls or Ceilings 

Anyone can pull off black walls or ceilings. 

What we love about this trend is that you can put whatever spin you want on it. It doesn’t have to be just moody, though it can! Black ceilings and walls can also be classy, sophisticated, and daring! Of course, the vibe these dark walls give off will entirely depend on your décor and accents. 

This trend serves a multitude of purposes–it can draw attention, make the ceiling look like it goes on forever, and even make stuff look smaller. 

PRO TIP: If you go for this trend, aim to have a decent amount of light, both artificial and natural, and if you want some energy, add some plants or flowers. 

If you see your home embodying one of these fun trends or need a little guidance on design or painting, you don’t have to take the step alone. Toska, our resident design and color expert, can help you by guiding you through the color picking process. 

Whatever you’re planning for your home, our team at Unique Painting can help. Call us at 816.500.7759 for your interior design project or visit us on our website

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Marc Carbonetto

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Marc Carbonetto
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