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February 2022- Project Overview

February is a short month, but we still had a lot going on at Unique Painting KC.  We had several interior paint projects running, but with the Spring Exterior season quickly approaching, I made time to help 6 homeowners choose or at least narrow down the colors they plan to paint their house. All 5 of these consults were for folks that are currently on our exterior schedule for 2022.

One of those 6 consults were to help a couple choose a countertop and backsplash for their kitchen remodel.  This couple are not on our schedule for painting, just needed some help in the Design area.  I mention this because at Unique Painting, we not only provide painting services for clients, we also provide Color and Design Consultations for non-clients as well.

A typical Consult lasts about an hour and if the client is on our schedule, the fee for a Color Consult is only $50.  If the client is not on our schedule, the fee for a Color Consult is $100.  However, if the client decides to be placed on our schedule after a Color Consult, we will refund $50, back to the client.  A Design Consult is $100/ hour.

I help clients by offering them suggestions on colors for their space, but the final choice is always their decision.  Here are 3 of the projects we worked on this month. Listed for each project are the colors we used to make their space feel like home.


Project 1:

We painted all of the walls in the house, which consisted of (upstairs) main area, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, main bathroom, bedroom, master bedroom, and master bathroom.  The downstairs consisted of a main area, sewing room, bathroom. Used same colors the walls were currently painted: Virtual Taupe SW7039, Tony Taupe SW7038, Latte SW6108, and Downing Sand SW2822. All of the trim in the house is Accessible Beige SW7036.

It took us 3 days to complete this project with 2-3 guys working. Sometimes new homes don’t come with the best paint jobs or the best quality of paint. Just adding fresh, better quality paint, even if it’s the same color, can really make a difference.


Project 2:

This interior project started out by painting a beautiful piece in the client’s piano room.  It was a large, tall and wide, decorative bookcase.  The interior of the shelving was stained.  The front, and sides we painted light gray, Repose SW7015.

Next, we moved into the master bathroom where we painted the vanity and tub front Stamped Concrete SW7655.

Our next project to tackle was the kitchen island.  For the island, we had Sherwin Williams custom match the color of a box the homeowner loved, which turned out to be very close, if not an exact match to Backdrop SW7025. We also painted an interior garage door off the kitchen area and touched up some trim around the kitchen window.

Upon completion of these tasks, there were a few areas that the homeowner wanted bids on for future projects. It’s always a great compliment when a homeowner invites us back to their home.


Project 3:

These homeowners are previous clients and have lived well in their home for quite some time.  Their youngest child is graduating high school in May, which prompted some cosmetic changes around their house. It was time to repaint, purchase some new furniture, and update some areas that had been neglected, as is the case in most homes.

Project 3, Kitchen- Evergreen Fog SW9130:

Upon our arrival, their kitchen color was red.  The homeowner loved the red and was unsure about changing it to the Evergreen Fog SW9130 she chose.  She was beyond happy with the results of her newly painted kitchen.  The new color lightened and brightened the area in a big way and added that update the homeowners were looking for. We also painted the ceiling in the kitchen which brightened the space even more.  The homeowners continued the Evergreen Fog SW9130, into the hearth room and office.

Project 3, Other Color Selections:

The trim in the entire two-story house (except for the basement) was repainted Westhighland White SW7566.

The master bedroom and bathroom were painted Jonquil SW6674, a bright, cheerful yellow. This color needed 3 coats to cover properly.  Yellow is known for that.

They chose Mindful Gray SW2016 for the powder room wall color and Forged Steel SW9565 for the powder room vanity.  Both colors turned out to be a nice complement to one another.

Dorian Gray SW7017, was already the wall color in the living room, and entry area, but they took it a little farther and had the basement bathroom painted this color as well.

Ellie Gray SW7650 was used on both the up and down stairwells as well as the upstairs hallway. Ellie Gray is also one of my favorites.

Cityscape SW7067, was the color of choice for their son’s upstairs bedroom and bathroom. I am a big fan of Cityscape and love that they were brave enough to choose such a bold color.

They chose Bolero SW7600, for the basement, which was also its current color.

If you need help choosing colors for your space, give us a shout to set up consult, 816-500-7759.


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Edward Fensholt

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Edward Fensholt
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