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Function Meets Fun at the Orange Easel School of Art

Hey, ya’ll!  I’m a lover and supporter of art in all forms, especially for children (except Playdoh, but that’s a story for another day), and there is a blooming business in the Northland that shares my spirit.  The Orange Easel School of Art originated in owner Allison Jensen’s basement.  Through offering art classes to friend’s kids she realized she had the opportunity to share something meaningful through art expression as a business venture. Thus, the first Orange Easel location was born in Liberty.  The addition of a new baby Easel opened recently, in Platte Woods, and future growth is inevitable.  I’m sure you’ve caught one of her on line classes, read her blog, or seen her on Facebook or Instagram.  She’s on fire about what she does, and it could just be my imagination, but she glows orange whenever she talks about her creative business; her passion radiates.  This is why I’m over the moon excited about the project I just finished working on. Allison commissioned Interior Design by Unique Painting to design a wall in her studio located in her video room.  This wall will be the backdrop to footage shot in that room. So, of course, I’m ecstatic, honored and can’t wait to get started!!


Though this is a nice shade of gray, it’s not the playful, fun vibe that should be prevalent in this room.









This is where the MAGIC happens, folks.  They have a lot of fun in this room and these plain walls don’t reflect that fun at all.  Kind of boring, right?  Allison wanted a wall that felt decorated, but useful, that fit in with the rest of the decor. She wanted an area she could showcase masterpieces and house supplies. She shared her Pinterest board with me to help me gather inspiration.


An example of the look and feel Allison wanted to achieve.
Another example of supply storage.
Cups holding brushes of all shapes and sizes. Important for any crafty space.


I used a mixture of woods and metals, to give it a bit of an industrial, resourceful feel. I didn’t have time to order items online, so I scoured the local house stuff haunts to get what I was looking for:  Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning, Marshall’s, Home Goods, TJMaxx, Old Time Pottery, and Lowe’s.  The large turquoise frame is a gem a recent client was about to throw away.  Add spray paint and it’s good to go (thanks, Sheri!).  As with any gallery wall, before I put nails in the wall I arrange the items on the floor to make sure I hang them exactly where I want them on the wall.  Sometimes I’ll snap a picture of 3 or 4 different arrangements to help me decide which one I like the best.  Spacing and scale are important so pictures are a great way to measure these design elements.


Painting the gold frame. Chad offered up his shop, and actually sprayed the frame for me. He was a great help.
A few of the items I purchased for the wall.
Laying out the items for placement.
Adding some paint to the front of these filing bins for interest.
Let’t get to hanging! I always start in the middle and work my way toward the edges.
The end of the day. Still have a few items to paint and some letters to hang, but I’d say it’s coming along nicely.


And this is the final product.  It’s fun, a little funky, yet also has purpose.  Shelves and cups are a plenty so each tool and accessory will have a place.  Once all the supplies are added and all the colorful art projects are hung, the wall’s true personality will shine through and it’s function will become apparent. I am a thrifty chicken so I’m proud to say that I was able to complete this project and pay myself in under the budgeted amount.   I’m jazzed to tell you, Allison is pleased with her wall. Easy peasy, mac n’ cheesy.  Now, on to the next project.


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“I can’t say enough great things about Chad and his crew. They were punctual throughout the entire project and very attentive to detail. This is the first time I’ve hired a painter and they far exceeded my expectations.”

Holt Johnston
Holt Johnston

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Holt Johnston
March 24, 2016

Unique Painting repaired wood rot and repainted my house, was very price competitive. I have referred Chad and his Team to several friends and neighbors. You can't go wrong choosing Unique Painting!