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How to prepare a room to paint

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Painting is a great way to update a space. Once you’ve chosen your paint color and decided to either do it yourself or hire a professional painting contractor, you are ready to get started! By taking a few extra minutes to prepare your room for a interior painting, you save yourself a lot of time, save your furniture from paint splatters, and ensure your walls look perfect. Prepare you room and your walls for paint with these six steps:
1) Move the furniture
Preferably, move everything into another room so that you have plenty of space and nothing will end up with accidental paint splatters on it. If you cannot move something out of a room, push it away from the walls and cover it with a drop cloth.
Light pieces are easy to move, but if you have heavy pieces that need to be pushed make sure to use sliders or thick cardboard under the feet of your furniture to protect your carpet from snagging or your hardwood from scratching.


2) Remove Wall Art and Nails
Once your room is empty of furniture, start taking down any wall art you have and pulling out nails. If you’ve decided to hire us to paint your room, we will come in and fill any nail holes, cracks and smooth any surface issues we find. Otherwise, grab some filler and start filling in the nail holes.
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3) Remove Door Handles and Faceplate Covers
Rather than trying to paint around light switch covers, take a minute to remove them from the wall. Since working around electricity is dangerous, we recommend turning off your breaker before removing light switch and outlet covers.
4) Dust and Vacuum Surfaces
Dusting and cleaning your walls helps the paint adhere and thus makes your paint last longer. When preparing your room for paint, take the time to wash your walls to get rid of surface dirt and grime. Also look out for oily residue from cooking or frequent touching.
Unique Painting helps you prepare your room for paint by cleaning your walls, filling holes and making sure your walls are smooth, removing outlet covers, and using tape and drop clothes to make sure the paint only goes where you want it. Let us know how we can help you make your home beautiful today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Todd Jackson

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Todd Jackson
July 3, 2018

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