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Minimalism In Interior Design

I have never been a fan of dusting.  I mean, I’ll do it, but it’s not my thing.  I try to keep the amount of knick-knacky stuff in my house to a minimum for that reason.  I wouldn’t call my design and décor style Minimalistic, but I do find the entire concept appealing.  Minimalism in Interior Design is defined as minimum furniture and details in spacious rooms with much attention to shape, color and texture as the main elements of this style.  This definition paints a picture in my mind.  I’m seeing ZERO tchotchkes, absolutely no throw pillows, no photos of friends or family. The space has small yet functional pieces of furniture that sit low to the ground (not sure why), white, sterile walls…impersonal, cold, modern.  There has to be some positive thoughts toward this mean girl of the design world, right?  Well, yes, yes there are.   Today I’m going to give you a brief history lesson in Minimalism, let you in on the reason Millennnials are becoming Minimalists…because I know you’re dying to know, and give you some tips on how to create this style in your own home.

Minimalism is believed to have originated with the Minimalist Art Movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s, where simple geometric shapes ruled abstract art.  It was a reaction against excess, taking a zen-like approach to life.  Really though, Minimalism is more of a philosophy than anything.  It’s about living in the moment, getting rid of things that aren’t essential, realizing that less is more, living with purpose, time management, and living an authentic life.  Sound like some Millennials you might know?

Other generations are recognizing the need to declutter and downsize as well, it’s not just the Millennials.  However, many Millennials are going down the Minimalist path.  They recognize the emptiness of material possessions and the need to minimize.  Millennials live mobile lifestyles, they’re environmentally conscious, more so than any other generation.  They spend money on wellness, food and drinks, and experiences. They live in urban areas, usually renting because they don’t see the need for ownership.  All of these characteristics lead right back to that zen-like approach to life: adding simplicity, elegance and utility, and tossing the extravagant and unnecessary.

How do I achieve the Minimalist décor style in my home?  Well, If you’re building a home some characteristics of modern minimalist house design include: simplicity in form and function, uncomplicated wall finishes, clean, open, light-filled spaces, simple detailing devoid of decoration, strategic use of materials for visual interest, texture, and personality.  So, what about the décor?  Remember, less is more!  Here’s the deal:  If you love it, it has a function or purpose (am I going to use this?), it’s simple style wise), toned down (in color and pattern, but doesn’t have to be white or solid), and it’s not excessive (you don’t need 5 throw pillows, 3 are fine:)), I’d go for it.  Seriously, your home needs to be all about what makes you happy.  You can follow all of these “rules” for minimalism and still not feel content in your home, but the same can be said for any other décor style out there.  If your main source of stress at home is house clutter, unfinished projects, outdated crazy busy wallpaper, over crowded rooms, and walls that are not your favorite color, this style/philosophy might be exactly what you need.  It’s worth a shot!  Happy decluttering!

Hey, ya’ll!  Thanks for checking out my Minimalist blog today.  Swing back by and take a peek at my next entry where I’ll be discussing outdoor living spaces, just in time for the sweet spring weather change.  Maybe you’ll get to use that outdoor space a couple of days before it snows again.  Ugh!

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Justin Ricklefs

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Justin Ricklefs
September 21, 2020

Chad, Toska, and their entire crew blew away our expectations. From the very first touchpoint, to the final tape being removed from the windows, we couldn't have had a better experience! It was the best renovation project we've ever been part of, and it truly feels like we got a brand new home out of the transformation they pulled off. You're wasting your time by looking anywhere else!