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Painting Tips from a Pro

Painting is a straightforward task for a lot of people. All they do is buy a brand of paint, apply the paint to a surface with a brush or roller and then they are done.  But if you approach your painting with that kind of mindset, you will get mediocre results.

Painting is an art. It is not an affair you handle flimsily. If you want to get top notch results from your painting, then you have to take advice from the pros. Professional painters have a lot of experience which they have acquired over the years. If you want to paint like a pro, read on for some professional painting tips from Unique Painting KC.

Wait For the Right Weather

When you paint in humid weather, your painting won’t come out fine. This is because paint drips and dries slowly under humid weather. But if you must carry out your painting when the weather is humid, apply slow-drying paint and take your time to correct any error before moving on.

Prepare Your Surface Adequately

The surface to be painted must be perfectly smooth to get a perfectly painted wall. Inspect the surface you are about to paint thoroughly. Any peeling or cracked area should be sandpapered or scraped away. Pros spend so much time sanding away rough spots. Dirty walls should be cleaned with a degreaser.

Mix Your Cans of Paint in a Large Bucket

A can of paint might have the same exact color as another can containing the same paint. Before painting, get an estimate of the number of cans needed and then mix them all up. This way you won’t get a shade of color mixed with another shade on the same surface.

Use A Paint Extender

Have you ever wondered how pros manage to paint a surface without any brush or lap mark? The secret is paint extender or paint conditioner. A paint extender will level out paint so all brush strokes won’t show. It also slows down the drying time of the paint so you can paint over some surfaces you painted earlier without you getting any ugly lap mark.

Use Canvas For Drop Clothes

The best material to use for a drop cloth is canvas. Other kinds of sheets will let paint penetrate through and get to the floor. Canvas absorbs paint and it is not slippery.

Always Start With a Loaded Brush

Many people make the mistake of loading their brush with paint and then wiping off most of the paint by dragging their brush along the side of their container. Professional painters load their brushes with paint before tapping both sides of the brush against the container to drop off any heavy drip.

Finish One Wall Before Painting Another

You might be inclined to paint all the edges and corners in a room before going back to paint the walls. This is wrong as you will likely end up with visible differences between the edges and the walls. For a flawless finish, brush the corner of a wall first and roll the wall immediately after.

Paint From Top to Bottom

It is wrong to paint sideways, diagonally or haphazardly. Always start from the ceiling and paint from the top to the bottom. This way, you won’t paint over surfaces you have painted before and you will end up with an even finish.


If you follow the tips in this article properly, you will get a professional looking finish that you will be proud of. These tips will save you a lot of time and make your painting much better than it is.  Of course if you’d rather not risk it, just contact us at Unique Painting, and we’ll make sure end result is immaculate!

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Taylor Pruitt

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Taylor Pruitt
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