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Pink- The Psychology of Color

Ooh, la la! This week Unique Painting KC is studying the color pink.

I’ve reviewed pink before, but it was of the pale variety.  This time I wanted to use a bright, fun, exuberant color and Hot Lips by Benjamin Moore fits the bill.  This fun color is rich and bright and used on the ceiling (one of my favorite things to paint right now) in this featured picture.  A great time is definitely going to happen in that room; super cool!  Bright pink, Hot Lips in particular, may make you think of crazy, party chicks, or Barbies who don this beauty on their stilettos, fingernails, and on their lip gloss wands. That is SO judgy!!

If pink is your favorite color you’re actually thought to be feminine, affectionate, caring, soft, gentle, individualistic, compassionate, healthy, and playful, and you wear hot pink stilettos, nail polish, and lip gloss.  I know a few people who count pink as their favorite color and each of these characteristics fit them perfectly.  I have always loved the pizzazz a touch of hot pink can add to a room or outfit.  I imagine using this color in a creative office space or craft room, on a front door, and I’m going to be bold and suggest that it would look great on a kitchen island. I say go for it!  No one is going to give you a pink slip for giving Hot Lips a try. You’ll be tickled pink with the outcome. So, tell me, how does pink make you feel?


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“I can’t say enough great things about Chad and his crew. They were punctual throughout the entire project and very attentive to detail. This is the first time I’ve hired a painter and they far exceeded my expectations.”

Taylor Pruitt
Taylor Pruitt

Left Us a 5 Star Review!

Taylor Pruitt
September 28, 2018

Chad and the crew were awesome! They did a thorough and beautiful job. They worked quick and clean and our house looks incredible!