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Sherwin-Williams 2018 Colormix Forecast Review

Hey, Ya’ll!  Today I will be chatting up the Sherwin-Williams Colormix forecast for 2018.  Let me tell you, we made the most fantastic day out of this event.  Three of my favorite things were rolled into this outing: good food, great company, and of course, color.

We started our day with an amazing lunch at El Pollo Rey.  Have you been there?  If you haven’t, you are missing out, my friend.  The menu is simple: splayed, fire grilled, chicken, half or whole (they also have hot wings).  The chicken comes with salsa, beans, rice, tortillas, and pickled red onions.  It smells SOOO good in there, but the smell sticks to you… like a charcoal mask on you face, but you won’t care.  I can’t even…it’s so delicious!

El Pollo Rey    901 Kansas Ave.  Kansas City, KS  66105

As it has been for several years, the ColorMix Forecast was held at Johnson County Community College.  We checked in, picked up our forecast information and made our way to the auditorium where we would be introduced to the three new color palettes for 2018:  Sincerity, Unity, and Connectivity.

Hello, Sincerity!  This is the softest of the three palettes.  The inspiration behind this palette is de-cluttering, unfiltered authenticity, and recognizing that blending in is the new standing out.  This palette bears much resemblance to the pots of succulents that don my porch each spring.  Muted greens, blues, browns, creams, and rust.  Now these are some colors that will calm your nerves.  You’ll be sipping a chai tea latte while reading the newspaper in no time.

Unity was the next palette introduced.  I had to really open my mind to grasp the inspiration behind this palette.  Here’s my interpretation (though I could be way off): our society wants security and a sense of community, but dreams of worldly adventure.   I’m sure you’re wondering what the hell-o kitty that has to do with color, right?  Well, let me explain.  A few colors in this palette are “safe” and familiar, but there are also some bold and foreign colors as well.  Cream, brown, tans, and one of my all- time favorites, In The Navy SW 9178, add familiar security.  Bright pink, Red, Blue, and yellow are the adventurous and seen all over the world colors that round out this grouping.  By the way, this palette contains the Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color of the Year: Oceanside SW6496.  It is truly striking.  What I love about this palette is the balance it presents.  Balance is crucial when making a bold color choice, otherwise your eyes will be screaming for relief.

The last palette introduced is called Connectivity.  The inspiration for this palette is electronic, as we are an Instagram-nation. This techie-filled world is lived in high definition and these color choices reflect that lifestyle.  Bold yellow, green, turquoise, purple, and blue will jolt you away from the screen and invite you to participate in the life going on around you.  Gorgeous palette, it’s hard to pick my favorite…imma go with Reflecting Pool SW6486.  I’ve used it many times and have never been disappointed.

There you have it folks!   The Sherwin-Williams 2018 ColorMix Forecast. Yes, the influences are a little WTH? for my taste, but I know it has to come from somewhere.  There are color specialists that travel the world researching trends, clothing design, politics, textiles, and community to help bring these palettes to life.  It’s not a decision they just pull out of the back pocket of their Levi’s.  Serious thought is given to each and every color.  Color is subjective, everyone sees it differently, but someone has to set the trends.  If I didn’t already have my dream job, I just might wanna…

Thanks for visiting today.  My current life situation is all about moving…packing, unpacking, and trying to make this new house functional for my family.  I’m at the top of my game with this moving business, dontcha know.  LOL!   Check back in for my relocation inspired entry. It should be a moving experience.

And don’t forget, if you need help with Color Selections, Design, or Staging, give me a shout (816-500-7759)!

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“I can’t say enough great things about Chad and his crew. They were punctual throughout the entire project and very attentive to detail. This is the first time I’ve hired a painter and they far exceeded my expectations.”

Scott Snow
Scott Snow

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Scott Snow
June 10, 2016

Chad and his team painted our house this week. I must say, my wife and I were very impressed. The finished product is excellent and when they leave , its as if they were never there. Except now you have a high quality paint job that was done in one day. Or one and a half days including the caulking. They get the job done so efficiently, you wonder if there were short cuts taken. But I assure you, we are picky and there were no short cuts and I would recommend them to anyone.