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Shut The Front Door! Front Door Colors And Their Meanings

I drive through a different neighborhood almost every day.  Because it’s my job to help people choose exterior (and interior) colors for their home, I pay attention to the colors that are on the houses in the neighborhoods I’m driving through.  In new construction areas, it’s always interesting to see what colors are being used. Sometimes I wonder who is picking out these colors :), and sometimes I wonder who is picking out these colors :O!  But the thing I pay the most attention to are the front doors. There are infinite options for choosing front door colors, and the color you choose actually says a lot about your personality and style.  There are also meanings behind front door colors that could drive your choice.  For example, did you know that in the Chinese culture, a front door signifies the mouth of the home and if painted RED before the Chinese New Year, chi will gravitate toward the home?  It’s also considered a lucky color and in other areas of the world people paint their front door red to show that their home is paid off.   Pretty interesting stuff, right?  Let’s explore some other colors and their meanings, shall we?


I’ve read that blue is considered the most popular front door color.  Considering the many shades of blue we’ve used to paint front doors, I completely agree.  Houses with blue front doors are thought to be relaxing and calm, giving all who enter a sense of safety, and security.  Blue is also considered to be a color reflecting strong imagination, dreams, and inspiration. From navy to turquoise, you can’t go wrong with a blue front door.



An angry person can’t have a yellow front door.  Actually, they can, and maybe they should.  Yellow is a cheerful color, after all, and it’s an instant mood lifter, making your guests feel downright gleeful.  Yellow symbolizes wisdom, clarity, creativity, and offers the promise of a positive future.

Warning:  Yellow is not a favorite color of most painters as it can be difficult to cover.  Always buy the best paint when painting your front door yellow (or red).  Also note, not all yellow colors are recommended for exterior use.  The UV rays will affect the yellow colorant faster and could possibly make your door appear blotchy.


Money, money, money, money…monaaay!  Green is definitely the color of money, but it’s also the color of nature, rebirth, success, abundance, vitality, growth, health, and inexperience.  Whoa!  Green sounds like a pretty cool guy.  Green also symbolizes peace which is a fantastic reason to use it on your front door. Who doesn’t want a peaceful house?


Want to feel younger, less self-conscious, and more confident?  Wait, am I selling a weight loss drug or a fancy face cream?  Nope, I’m trying to get you to consider painting your front door orange.  “Orange is the happiest color”, is a popular Frank Sinatra quote, and I agree with ol’ Blue Eyes.  Orange radiates warmth, it’s flamboyant, it’s uplifting, and always fun.


Black, White, Brown, and Gray: 

You really can’t go wrong with these neutrals.  Black sets a modern tone.  White can make a door look clean and crisp.  Brown is warm and welcoming, and gray is a bit mysterious.

Which is your favorite? Scared to make a commitment?  Just keep in mind that it’s just a door, a small area compared to your entire house, and can be repainted easily.  If it’s just too much for you still, painting your front door the same color as your trim is always a safe option…safe, but snoozie.

Remember, if you need help with Color Selections, Design, or Staging, give me a shout (816-500-7759).

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Scott Snow
Scott Snow

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Scott Snow
June 10, 2016

Chad and his team painted our house this week. I must say, my wife and I were very impressed. The finished product is excellent and when they leave , its as if they were never there. Except now you have a high quality paint job that was done in one day. Or one and a half days including the caulking. They get the job done so efficiently, you wonder if there were short cuts taken. But I assure you, we are picky and there were no short cuts and I would recommend them to anyone.