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The Most Popular Colors of Each Decade

Throughout our lives we find that our tastes, obsessions, favorite colors, etc all change and evolve. As a child, you may have begged your mom for a lime green room but as an adult you gravitate towards a more subtle and calming green for your room. Looking back on the last 100 years, we can see wall colors and design has evolved too. Every decade new paint colors emerge and help define the look of that decade. Every year presents unique kaleidoscope of patterns, color and represents the lives of people and families. Unique Painting Kansas City asks: If you could be transported to one of the following decades of color, which would you choose?


Coming out of WWI, America embraced it’s softer side with pastels. The most poplar choices were pink, purple and turquoise for everything from home walls to cars.



The sixties were all about self-expression, love, and finding peace. Their colors were loud and expressive with bold colors, groovy patterns and psychedelic shades found throughout homes.



The 1970s brought about the beginning of rock ’n roll and Woodstock. They chose to go back to a more “natural” palate in term of color. The 70’s featured deep earth tones like avocado green, golds, mustard yellows, and browns.



Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Queen famously changed the musical landscape in the 1980s. Computers and phones exploded onto the technology scene. Home colors often featured bright colors and patterned wall paper.



As grunge crawled it’s way into the style scene and teenage girls fought over which boy band was best, home colors took on a tranquil tone. The Tuscan and southwestern style made an appearance in the 1990s with beiges, earthy greens and reds.



Entering a new century and surviving Y2K brought a sense of new beginnings. In 2000’s homes began to update their colors to reflect relaxing and spa-like atmosphere with light browns, whites, and blues.




A little over halfway through the new decade, we’ve noticed a shift from warm neutrals to cool tones. Currently, Pinterest boards are flooded with cool whites and calming grays. Our most popular request is to paint over beige walls with cool and crisp gray.


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Teresa Wilkerson

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Teresa Wilkerson
May 12, 2019

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