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The Where And How Of Accent Walls

Happy Friday, Yall!  I’m excited to share the good word about accent walls with you today.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good accent wall?  Am I right?  It’s pretty amazing that one wall can be responsible for transforming an entire room.  It happens!  But really, what is there to tell you about an accent wall that you don’t already know?  Well, buckle up, friends, I’m going to give you the low down on where and how to use an accent wall in your home and some tips (and lots of pictures) on materials to use to give your room a little smooch of perfection.

The “where” to use an accent wall is simple: in pretty much any room of your home.  But, can I use an accent wall in my tiny powder room?  Absofrickinglutely!  In fact, an accent wall in a small space can make the room feel larger.  Imagine 3 walls a light, near white color.  Now add deep navy blue to one wall in your imaginary room.  That one wall has given the entire room the gift of infinite space.  Some areas of your home that are perfect for accent walls are: the fireplace wall, going up or down the stairs, front door entry wall, wall behind your bed, dining room wall…I could go on.  The nice thing about using an accent wall on large areas is you don’t have to put in as much decorating effort.  The wall is the décor!

The “how” to use an accent wall is a little more involved.  An accent wall can be used to emphasize a fantastic architectural feature, break up a large room, or for rooms that are otherwise quite ordinary, an accent wall can be used to add depth and interest.  The rule I usually go by when choosing which wall to accentuate is to select the wall farthest from the entrance, the first wall I fully see when I walk into the room, the focal point.  Once I’ve chosen the wall I consider the color used on the other walls in the room and décor color to help me choose a color for the accent wall.  But, guess what?  You don’t have to use just paint for your accent wall. There are SO many options!!  Bold paint colors are one of my favorite options for sure but the list for other great ideas is a long one: stencils, murals, barn wood, shingles, board and batten, wainscoting, wallpaper, stone, foil tape, geometric shapes using painter’s tape, chalkboard, exposed brick, metallic paints, stripes, shelving, fabric, art work…see examples below.

Accent walls can definitely give your space the pow it needs to transform.  In the comment section below, tell me which accent wall idea you’re planning to donate a weekend to in your home.  I’ve gotta know!

Thanks for swinging by to read my blog today.  Be sure to check out my next entry, which will round out my Monday Facebook topic on Minimalism.  The style is really not as antiseptic as you’d think.  There’s something very relaxing about living in a space that has zero clutter, where everything has a place and a purpose…sounds lovely.

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