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Happy to be Home: The Journey

The main reason clients call us is because we’re part of a journey for them. The journey that begins with, “what if we…” and brings them to, “we’re happy to be home”.

We’re always thankful for our part in that journey. Thankful to come right alongside you, on your path, and walk for a bit.

The journey begins the second we answer the phone. When a client calls us to let us know they’re ready. For a change, an upgrade, to finally complete that project that’s been looming for some time.

So Chad starts with a bid.

This is when he drives up, walks around, measures, assesses, and listens. He takes into account the blank canvas in front of him and your vision. From that, he creates the guidelines for how and when the project will be completed.

But really, it’s a lot more than that. It’s an opportunity for something new. New relationships, new dreams, new hopes.

Once we’re set on the date and the estimate, you’ll meet Toska, if you haven’t already. This is when, for her, the real fun happens.

Because this is when she gets to sit by your side and dream with you. It’s when you’ll sit together and pour over that overwhelmingly large fan deck for your color selections.

But the good news is, as you begin to talk and sit for just a bit longer, you realize it’s not as overwhelming as you thought it would be.

Because the whole time, Toska is right by your side, listening and dreaming with you. And slowly but surely, the vision you have for your home starts to come together just a bit more.

She’s there through each color swatch and through all the stages of indecision. And she stays until the vision gets a whole lot closer to reality.

And once it clicks, we begin the next part of the journey. We prep, and then we paint.

We transform.

And this is another one of those overwhelming parts for many of our clients. The project may look messy to some, but to us – it’s a blank canvas. It’s a new beginning. And, it’s a lot of sanding, priming, restoring, and painting.

The length of time we’re on site depends on the size of the transformation. But one thing that never varies – our part of your journey isn’t complete until you’re Happy to be Home.

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“I can’t say enough great things about Chad and his crew. They were punctual throughout the entire project and very attentive to detail. This is the first time I’ve hired a painter and they far exceeded my expectations.”

sandra salsman
sandra salsman

Left Us a 5 Star Review!

sandra salsman
January 23, 2018

I was very impressed with Unique Painting, they were on time and everyone worked as a team. I appreciated that Chad was happy to work with my need to only do a couple of rooms when it was convenient for me to box up and move stuff. I stayed close to original color but it looks refreshed The stairwell was pretty beat up from moving furniture but they patched scratches and did a great job. All in all they left everything neat and clean, I will have him back to finish the rest of the rooms.