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Top 12 Favorite Greens

I might have mentioned this before, like 800 times, but green is my favorite color.  Shocker, I know.  Green is the color of nature and is the most restful color for the human eye to view.  It’s the color of life, nature, energy, safety, renewal, harmony, freshness, and fertility.  And did you know that time moves faster in a green room? As I’m typing this, I’m watching a green walking stick trapes across the windshield.  I’m always quick to offer a shade of green as an option during color consults because it is such a versatile color. It can make a huge appearance, or it can lay back and let everything around it shine.

As we’ve done with several other colors this year, (white, yellow, beige, orange, turquoise…) we have put together our favorite greens and are happy to share them with you.

My last few blog entries (Unique Painting KC’s Favorite Oranges, Unique Painting KC’s Favorite Pastels…) were created to help you narrow your color search.  We see these colors every day and definitely have our favorites.  There are so many varieties of each color and choosing just one can become overwhelming. In continuing with our “Favorites” trend, I present, our Top 12 Favorite Greens:



Sea Salt SW6204

What can I say about Sea Salt that I haven’t already said a bazillion times?  I’ve reviewed this color more than I can remember.  It’s one of my all-time favorites because it is so relaxing among other things.  It’s the perfect bathroom color.


Avacado SW2861

My daughter made some pudding over the weekend that required fresh avacados.

Link Gray SW6200

The best way to describe Link Gray is a smoky, green-gray.  I recommend this color frequently for exteriors.  It’s one of my favorite exterior choices for craftsman style homes and I can’t recommend Link Gray without offering an orange front door option to really set it off.

Paradise SW6720

I look at this color and immediately think of Florida and spending time on the beach. Paradise is a goldie green that

Oakmoss SW6180

Oakmoss is the color I want to paint my house but just don’t have the cojones to do it.  I love this green a bunch especially with Urban Putty as a trim color and Rookwood Brown as an accent. It is such a bold green and would be perfect on a Craftsman Style house.  Someday…

Ryegrass SW6423

Ryegrass is one of those colors I recommend to folks who have stained trim and don’t want to have gray, beige, or white walls.  It looks great with both stained trim and white trim.

Melange Green SW6710

This is a bright one, but one I’ve used in two of my own homes; as an accent wall, and in my living room, (circa 2007).  I love how Melange Green gives zero freckles about its appearance.  I

Billiard Green SW0016

Billiard Green is a Victorian color in the Sherwin Williams Historical Collection.

Dill SW6438

This one on a front door is absolutely one of my favorites, in fact, it is one of the colors in one of my favorite exterior color combinations: Body: Agreeable Gray, Trim: White, Accent: Well-Bred Brown, and Front Door: Dill.

Direct Green SW6924

What a fantastic green!! Direct Green don’t mince words, yall! It is exactly what it says it is, green. This Celtics fan can’t sing the praises of Direct Green enough.  It’s a vivid green with a touch of yellow that really wakes it up.  Sending Direct Green on a playdate with Jay Blue and Naval would be a good time had by all.

Roycroft Bottle Green SW2847

This historical color is a new favorite for me this year in the kitchen.  I am a huge fan of this color on cabinets and I absolutely love it paired with Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Color Of The Year, First Light, as a wall color.  Roycroft Bottle Green is a historical paint color and my ya’ll know what history does, repeats itself, over and over again, making this color a treasure to always be revered.


There are so many green colors to choose from, but these are our favorites.  They all have different undertones and just as you choose any color for the interior of your home, choosing the right green depends on your furnishings and items you do not plan to change (flooring, tile, interior trim color, countertops, etc.), how the sunlight works in the room being painted, and how you want the room to feel (warm, cool, dark, bright).

For exterior, choosing the right green is also about making sure the color you choose jives with your roof, landscaping, windows, any stone or brick you may have on your house, the area in which you live, and even paying attention to the color of your neighbor’s homes.  As I mentioned before, green is such a versatile color, but choosing the wrong green can date your home in a hurry.  Whether you’re choosing interior or exterior greens, taking the time to grab a sample is not a terrible idea, I would recommend it if you’re struggling and even if you’re not. Seeing the color in its element will give you some peace of mind.

And if you’re still having a hard time choosing the right green, I’m just a phone call away (816-500-7759).

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Devon Thompson

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Devon Thompson
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