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Top 5 Ceiling Decor Ideas

Does anyone else get tired of boring, white ceilings or are y’all even paying attention?  I look at ceilings frequently because well, we paint a lot of walls and the ceiling is considered the 5thwall, after all, and has the same square footage as the floor.  Ceiling décor/paint can be powerful.  They can make a room look larger or smaller, add interest and brighten up a room in a hurry.  It really depends on the current shape of the ceiling, but there are so many options for completely changing the look of your ceilings. Here are my top 5 favorite ceiling décor ideas to give you something to think about.


1. Punch Or Contrasting Color

If your ceilings are smooth and flat you have the fun option to use a glossy paint and pick a fun punch or contrasting color.  I love this look so hard, but the other 4 walls need to be neutral so that ceiling really pops and doesn’t represent as garish.  I especially love how the ceiling color reflects on to the walls in the sunlight. Super cool!

2. Paint the Ceiling And Walls The Same Color

And while we’re on the topic of painting the ceilings, I must recommend a couple more options in this arena.  Another look that I’m crazy about is painting the ceilings the same color as the walls. This trick will actually make your room look larger, make the walls appear infinite.  On the flip side, if you’re not careful with your color selection your room could look visually boring or a bit like a cave.

3. Paint The Ceiling A Darker or Lighter Color Than The Walls

Another option is painting your ceilings either a darker or lighter color than your wall color.  I suggest using a darker color on your ceiling if the room has high ceilings and lots of natural light.  If the ceilings are lower, a lighter color would be a great choice. This option will open the room up and add light, perfect for small spaces.

4. Add Shiplap, Planks, Beadboard, OR Beams

If you have popcorn ceilings and aren’t interested in scraping them or hiring someone to do it for you, shiplap, planks, or beadboard might be a great option for you.  I am a big fan of painting said covering choice and adding stained beams.

5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be pretty tricky, but it can also be pretty darn amazing.  Wallpaper has changed in a big way.  The adhesives are different, with paste on the wall and peel and stick options available.   Non-woven and strippable material options are much lighter than the vinyl wallpaper of the past, peels off extremely easy, and won’t damage your walls. There are so many cool textures and modern prints available as well.  Come on, give wallpaper a second chance.  Don’t hate the new wallpaper because of bad experiences with old wallpaper. It’s a whole new ballgame.

All of these ideas are fun and can add a ton of interest to a room, but just know that ceiling refinishes of any kind can be taxing on the neck and shoulders, and what if the room isn’t perfectly square?  Lawd, that would be a wallpaper nightmare!  It might be best to leave the ceilings to the professionals (Unique Painting KC, would be a great choiceJ).  If hiring a professional isn’t an option for you and your creative juices just aren’t a flowing, you can always revert to the perfectly acceptable, old standby…white.

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June 19, 2020

We had the exterior of our house painted by Unique Painting last week and the results were great! I was a bit concerned and hesitant due to a bad experience with a prior painter but Chad put me at ease quickly. There were some unforeseen delays due to the weather and Covid but once we were scheduled, Chad was great about communicating the details and timing of the project and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend them for any painting project.