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Unique Painting KC’s 2021 Colors Forecast

Each year Chad and I put our heads together and we choose our predictions for the colors we think are going to blow your mind for the upcoming year. It’s always fun to throw out our guesses about what colors we think will shine.  Sometimes we’re right on track, sometimes we miss the mark.  This year feels different, like we’ve tapped into some clairvoyant color predicting skills. 😉 This year we did not have as big of a color come to Jesus meeting as we have in the past because we had such a perfect handle on exactly which colors we wanted to use.  I almost felt a bit cheated out of the experience.


Introducing, the Unique Painting KC 2021 Color Forecast:


Shoji White SW7042

Shoji White is an off-white that has a greige undertone.  We recently painted a living room Shoji White.  At first glance I saw the color that was on the swatch, a warm off-white.  But, later in the day, as the sun moved and different lighting entered the room, I saw a bit of a green undertone.  It’s a beautiful color and if it were dancing at The Landing on Saturday night, everyone would say that Shoji White has some good moves.

Waterloo SW9141

I love this color!  Waterloo is a bold gray blue with just a touch of yellow, giving it a warm greenish undertone.  It reminds me of a hot summer night, on a patio decked out with string lights, and a cold drink in my hand. I would put this sultry color in a master bedroom for sure, but it would also present beautifully on kitchen cabinets, wainscoting, and as an accent wall in an office or dining room.

Alabaster SW7008

Alabaster has always been a color that I hold close to my heart.  I am already using and recommending Alabaster almost daily and I think this trend will continue through 2021.  It’s a creamy white, not too much yellow though. We have used Alabaster on several exteriors recently and it never disappoints.

Dark Royal Blue 2065-20

Dark Royal Blue is such a beautiful color.  I love how rich and bold this color is.  This is one that we’ve used recently on Front doors and I can’t stop smiling about it. I may be a bit partial to Dark Royal Blue because I live in Kansas City and am a true blue Royals fan, but even a Cardinals fan can love this gorgeous color.

Realist Beige SW6079

The time for a medium to a dark depth of color beige on the walls has passed, but beige definitely still has its place in the paint world.  Ya’ll didn’t think beige would be gone forever, did you?  (insert audible laughter) Realist Beige is a classic, warm, neutral that leans toward the white color family, which is exactly where the new beige trend is landing.  It’s not white but it will hide some dirt, so if you’re looking for a great neutral to lighten your space but you have dogs and kids, this would be a great color option for you.  It would also be a fantastic exterior color for the exact same reasons…dirt, dogs, kids.  Realist Beige you are quite the magician!

Million Dollar Red 2003-10

Besides on the front door of a big, white farmhouse, where else can you envision this gorgeous color?  Honestly, I can envision this crimson cutie on the front door of just about any type of house out there.  It’s so beautiful!! Million Dollar Red is a bold, clear, pure, saturated red with just a hint of blue.  There are so many reds out there, and to me, Benjamin Moore has the very best red selection in the land.  I would use Million Dollar Red on a front door for sure, but I’d bet you a million dollars that it would look magnificent in a dining room or office.

Hawthorne Yellow HC-4

Hawthorne Yellow, by Benjamin Moore, is a sunshiny day in a paint can, ya’ll!  One thing that I love about Hawthorne Yellow is that it has just a touch of gray in it, and I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but gray and yellow are pretty perfect together.  Hawthorne is not too lemony and not too mac ‘n’ cheesy.  It’s just a nicely balanced yellow that is pretty enough to get attention without making your eyes scream.  You can use Hawthorne Yellow in any room, really, but using it in an area that doesn’t have a ton of natural light will give the space a nice boost of brightness.

Oceanside SW6496

Oceanside is a beachin’ that color was crowned Color Of The Year in 2018, and for good reason.  Oceanside is a bold, rich blue that befriended green and decided to roll to the beach for some fun.  At first glance, this color seems so classy, put-together, almost unapproachable.   Then you realize how chill and inviting it actually is.  Oceanside is a gorgeous color that would look perfect on a front door, as an accent wall, on an island, or in an office.

Orange Parrot 2169-20

Orange Parrot is a pleasing, not too red and not too yellow, orange that you can put just about anywhere.  Front doors in particular are my favorite place to see orange on a house, especially Orange Parrot.  I love how this color can make a front porch pop with interest and overflow with welcoming vibes.

Iron Ore SW7069

If you’re looking for a dark color that is not exactly black, but not really gray, Iron Ore is your man.  It is a sharp, clean, deep charcoal that brings the drama.  What a versatile neutral! Iron Ore is perfect for an interior accent wall, as well as an exterior accent color.  We’ve also used this classy color on kitchen cabinets as well as garage doors.

North Star SW6246

When asked about the most relaxing bedroom colors, North Star is one that always comes to mind.  It’s a pale blue-gray that makes me think of the ocean or an overcast day, both of which are extremely relaxing to me. North Star with Extra White as a trim color play well together like old friends at the beach.  Because of its easygoing vibe and how effortlessly it leads me to tranquility, North Star is definitely one of my favorites.

High Strung SW6705

Are you looking for a knock-out green gold to set off your navy or charcoal accent walls or cabinets? Look no further than High Strung SW6705.  Though this color may seem a bit obnoxious at first glance, I assure you that paired with the correct colors, you can expect this color to glow in a very pleasing way.  I’d recommend using High Strung on a front door for sure, but I’d also use it as an accent color indoors with neutral walls and the navy and charcoal mentioned before.

There you have it, folks. The Unique Painting KC 2021 Color Forecast. We are so excited to see what the color future brings and can’t wait to see if and how these colors are used in the homes in our market area this year. Which ones would you use and where?

Keep us in mind for your interior and exterior painting needs.  If you need help choosing the right color, don’t hesitate to give me a shout to schedule a color consultation.  816-500-7759

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“I can’t say enough great things about Chad and his crew. They were punctual throughout the entire project and very attentive to detail. This is the first time I’ve hired a painter and they far exceeded my expectations.”

Tishana Beyer Willson
Tishana Beyer Willson

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Tishana Beyer Willson
January 18, 2021

Super easy to work with from the estimate to the actual painting. Very responsive. Very satisfied with the end result. They properly taped off and blocked off any non-paint areas, including hardwood floors, they prepped the surfaces too. We had removed some wallpaper and could not get all the glue off but they were able to take care of it. Very professional, reasonable pricing and wonderful folks to work with and the result is amazing. They do great work and make the process easy. Thanks Unique Painting KC; can't wait to paint other areas of my home with you!