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Unique Painting KC’s Top 12 Favorite Grays

Gray is a pretty popular color these days and we use plenty of it.  We are asked the same question all the time:  What is your favorite gray?  Well, we have several favorite grays that we often recommend and use. Here is a list of our favorites, sorted by Lights, Mediums, and Darks.

Top 12 Favorite Grays

Light Grays:

  1. On The Rocks SW7671: On The Rocks is a light, cool gray.
  2. Light French Gray SW0055: a cool gray with a bit of a blue undertone. I would say Light French Gray is my favorite C-GOAT (cool gray of all time). I’ve used this beauty as the body color on the exterior of my own home.
  3. Agreeable Gray SW7029: my favorite greige. It has a way of brightening up a room yet keeping it warm. Great transition-to-gray color for homes that are filled with beiges and honey oak cabinets, flooring, and trim.
  4. Repose Gray SW7015: a warm gray with a faint purple undertone.The perfect choice for main color in an open floor plan.

Medium Grays:

  1. Network Gray SW7073: medium cool gray with a blue undertone and just a tad on the purple side. Network Gray is a nice exterior color with Extra White as the trim.
  2. Ellie Gray SW7650: looks great with pine, yellows and blues. It’s considered a cool gray with its blueish undertones but is still soft enough to use as a main color.
  3. Tin Lizzie SW9163: cool gray with a soft blue undertone. I love Tin Lizzie as an accent color.
  4. Stamped Concrete SW7655: cool neutral that I find very little undertone in. Maybe, and I’m reaching here, a tinge of blue in some light, maybe a dab of green in another, but it’s an excellent gray for those who don’t want to see any undertones.

Dark Grays:

  1. Cyberspace SW7076: a lively neutral. Cool, blue undertones, a touch of purple, a great charcoal. Perfect for accent walls.
  2. Roycroft Pewter SW2848: a true pewter, a warm, dark gray and Chad’s favorite because it’s a timeless classic.
  3. Iron Ore SW7069: a touch of blue for a charcoal feel. Rich, deep neutral to use in leiu of black or dark brown.
  4. Gauntlet Gray SW7019: deep gray with brown undertones and is a great choice for an exterior if you’re looking for a darker body.

Gray can be tricky!  These are our favorites but there are so many grays and they all have different undertones.  Choosing the right gray for the interior of your home depends on your furnishings and items you do not plan to change (flooring, tile, interior trim color, countertops, etc.), how the sunlight works in the room being painted, and how you want the room to feel (warm, cool, dark, bright).

For exterior, choosing the right gray is also about making sure the color you choose jives with your roof, landscaping, windows, any stone or brick you may have on your house, and even paying attention to the color of your neighbor’s homes.  Whether you’re choosing interior or exterior grays, taking the time to grab a sample is not a terrible idea, I would recommend it if you’re struggling and even if you’re not. Actually seeing the color in its element will give you some peace of mind.

And if you’re still having a hard time choosing the right gray, I’m just a phone call away (816-500-7759).

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Chad Sellers

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Chad Sellers
February 19, 2015

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